Aircraft Syndicate Group Forming and Management

243 Aviation is able to offer services to both form and maintain aircraft syndicate groups

Syndicate forming

Forming a new syndicate group can be a long and tiresome process. From finding suitable people to form the group around to deciding on the type of aeroplane. Budgets and choosing a base airfield.


There are so many variables and decisions that need to be made.  

243 Aviation will co ordinate the whole process from a concept to reality.

To name but a few things we are able to help and co ordinate:

  • Deciding on a suitable aircraft
  • Sourcing the aircraft

  • Pre Purchase inspection

  • Budgeting

  • Finding suitable members

  • Sales Agreement

  • CAA/EASA/FAA paperwork

  • Aircraft Insurance

  • Ferrying Service 

  • Finding and liaising with different airfields to find the best home base for the aircraft and group

Please email us at with any questions you may have and your own personal requirements and we will see how we can best help you.


Syndicate Management

Running an efficient syndicate group takes as much effort as forming one.

243 Aviation can take the pressure off group members by providing services such as:

  • Aircraft bookings management

  • Maintenance scheduling

  • Aircraft paperwork administration, tech logs, aircraft docs ect

  • Invoicing members

  • Aircraft Valet

If you are interested in 243 Aviation helping you to form a new syndicate group or help with the smooth running of an existing group please email us at

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